Supporters, friends, colleagues and clients, past, present and prospective. Step outside for me for a minute or two. Into my uncomfortable zone.

There is a lot to be said about ‘stepping outside of one’s comfort zone’. Funny enough, I believe I’ve been in an uncomfortable zone for a while now. I have felt unease with not being able to be my authentic self. I often felt restricted by a set way of working. My head was clouded, as I had no time to think clearly about what I really wanted to do. I also felt resentful of the lack of control I had over my destiny. It took a lot of soul searching and meditation to realise that I had the power to change things, if I really wanted to. So I did.

Such a simple realisation yet a game changer for me. I resigned from my job of 10+ years and as one of my colleagues eloquently put it, “I took a leap of faith,” to launch myself into running my own business  -  FLOURISH CAREERS - which empowers others to unleash their full career potential and flourish in their careers. (I know, shameless plug).

Those who have taken a similar leap, know just how provocative it can be. I’m on a whole new level of uncomfortableness. Yet, as the eloquent Maya wrote, “And Still I Rise.” Perhaps it is because I have not felt this alive or fulfilled, in a very long time. Or maybe it’s because I have an annoying amount of tenacity and self-belief. All I know is, I am looking forward with hope. I’m going full steam ahead. I have plans and goals. I’m blessed with a modest and perfectly formed network of cheerleaders, experts and supporters. Plus, I have a vision and a dream. I’m in my zone and I’m determined to make myself comfortable here.

Czarina Charles, Managing Director