The eloquent and inspiring TED talk: ‘The Danger of The Single Story,’ by novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, sparked my thinking into the single story many of us inadvertently create around our careers and skillset.

I see so many CVs or witness and hear about interviews, where the career story is limited to current or previous roles. Unfortunately, this can lead to a very narrow view, especially if you have taken a career break, changed careers or undertaken the same role for many years with little or no career progression, for example.

It’s great if you are one of those individuals who has been fortunate enough to keep on top of your personal and professional development, thus enhancing and expanding your skillset. Unfortunately, I know too many people, who feel training and personal development, is a barrier to them, or a luxury they can’t afford or don’t have access to. Yet, there is probably a hidden vault of remarkable talents and skills, just waiting to be unleashed.

The areas I explore with my clients, during their FLOURISH CAREERS counselling journey, encompasses passions, interests, skills and achievements, both in and outside the workplace. For example, events they have initiated or organised, outside of work. Charitable work or fundraising they have undertaken. A niche area of expertise or advice their friends and family regularly seek from them.

Once we delve further, past the traditional work achievements, it’s fascinating to see the array of transferable skills we can glean to create a richer, broader narrative for ourselves.

Therefore, the next time you are asked to present yourself, whether it be in a social setting, on your CV, at a meeting, or job interview, I encourage you to reflect on these areas and reinvigorate your career story.

Czarina Charles, Managing Director